Volkstaat (Afrikaans for "People's state") is a proposal for the establishment of a homeland for Afrikaners. Outside a possible use of force, the South African Constitution and International Legislation present certain possibilities for the establishment of such a state. The South African regime declared that they would not support a Volkstaat, but "would do everything they could to ensure the protection of the Afrikaner language and culture". What a fine job they are doing.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Majuba Declaration: The Boer Nation is Born in South Africa

The Majuba Declaration should be recognized as the Boer equivalent of the American Declaration of Independence.

HISTORY IS UNDERWAY in South Africa once again, as the Boere, an indigenous White ethnic nation in their own right, declare their sovereignty and push for a separate homeland within the country that saw Blacks legally disband the Apartheid system twelve years ago.

Dr. Lets Pretorius, spokesman for the Boer nation (Boerevolk), and Mr. Riaan Smith, an attorney, met with met with Adv. Cetswayo and Mr. L.H. Mapholaba from the office of the Speaker of the South African Parliament on May 25th to discuss the Majuba Declaration, the Boervolk's formal demand for an independent homeland. The Cape Town meeting was organized by the Boerevolk Freedom Foundation, which is driving the push for self-determination.

The following statements were put forward during the meeting:

  • The Boerevolk is a definite entity and must be recognized as such.
  • There is a distinct difference between a Boer and an Afrikaner.
  • The Majuba Declaration is legally sound, based on section 235 of the Constitution of South Africa.

Mr. Smith and Dr. Pretorius then demanded that:

  • The Boerevolk Freedom Foundation, and the Boerevolk be institutionally recognized. The Foundation will be the formal mouthpiece of the Boerevolk until an election of representatives or deputies of the Boerevolk has been held.
  • A forum be created to discuss related matters and demands of the Boerevolk.

It was agreed that this forum will be held by the end of June, and will consist of delegations from both Parliament and the Boerevolk. The Parliamentary delegation will include the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee; the Minister of Agriculture of Land and Environmental Affairs, to address the Zimbabwe-like land grab currently taking place in South Africa; the Minister of Justice, to address the injustices against the Boerevolk taking place in South Africa's legal system; Minister of Safety and Security, to address the murders of farmers, and Black-on-Boer crime taking place.

The Chairman of Human Rights of Minorities at the United Nations, Mr. Stauffenhagen, has also received the Majuba Declaration.

However, except for the South African Broadcasting System (SABC), which has had some limited coverage of Boerevolk affairs, both the Boer's recent efforts for recognition and the Majuba Declaration itself have been given the silent treatment: Not a single source indexed by news.google.com -- which includes all major wire services -- has even mentioned the Boerevolk efforts, except for the SABC. And even the SABC has, so far, frozen out any mention of the Declaration. They stated on June 1:

'Johan "Lets" Pretorius, the leader of the Boerevolk Freedom Foundation (BVS), announced in Tshwane [Pretoria -- Ed.] that the Boerevolk is still a volk in its own right. The newly established foundation aims to represent the Boerevolk of South Africa and to earn government's recognition as a volk.

'It says the Boerevolk is getting increasingly frustrated because of issues like farm murders in South Africa. It says it wants to find respectable solutions to these issues - to prevent the Boerevolk from taking matters into their own hands.

'Pretorius - who is an accused in the Boeremag treason trial - says the Boerevolk is here to stay. He says supporters of the Boerevolk are frustrated because they feel their human rights are being violated. He alleges farm murders are not being reported in the media any more and the principle of land claims are negative contributions. The foundation wants to find legitimate solutions to the Boerevolk's frustrations - to prevent conflict.

'Pretorius defines the Boerevolk as people from a European background who are white, Afrikaans speaking, with a strong Christian religious basis. And he says - it is a volk that needs to be recognised as an independent nation.

'The BVS met with senior advisors of the speaker of Parliament in Cape Town last week to discuss the role it could play and talks were successful. "They realised that the Boerevolk is an entity that they can't ignore and they are trying to make a plan how to treat the Boerevolk in the way they should be treated."

'He says although the Boerevolk was oppressed by the National Party government - it felt safer then - because its culture, language and political heroes were protected. The Boerevolk has not had representation in the last 100 years. The BVS plans are to serve as a facilitator for the boer in South Africa by supporting volk-related projects and organisations financially. Its ultimate ideal is however to achieve a Volkstaat with its own constitution.

'A meeting is allegedly being arranged for next month between the BVS and the ministers of agriculture and land affairs, justice and safety and security to discuss their ideals further. The foundation says it is also planning an election for December to determine the extent of the support they might have.'

American writer and broadcaster Kevin Alfred Strom, a Director of the pro-White National Vanguard organization, stated today "We fully support the efforts of the Boers of South Africa to constitute themselves as an independent nation. Their Majuba Declaration should be recognized as the Boer equivalent of the American Declaration of Independence.

"We do hope that the religious element in Mr. Pretorius's definition will be interpreted to include free-thinking or otherwise religiously-dissenting individuals who nevertheless are a part of the Boer people; and we hope that the 'White' and 'European' sections of the definition are applied strictly and racially. The Majuba Declaration should be recognized by all freedom-loving peoples worldwide. It is fully in keeping with the Maxim of Self-Determination: 'Every people which considers itself to be a people should, to the maximum extent possible, live under its own government.'

"The Boer people have for too long suffered under the rule of others. It is time for them to be free; time for them to join the community of Western nations as an independent people. We wish the same for the English-speaking Whites who also suffer in Southern Africa."

For the first time in more than 100 years, the Boerevolk are actually being represented in South Africa. After 1902, they lost their freedom and were incorporated into the Afrikaner group and later into "White" South Africa under the Apartheid system.



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