Volkstaat (Afrikaans for "People's state") is a proposal for the establishment of a homeland for Afrikaners. Outside a possible use of force, the South African Constitution and International Legislation present certain possibilities for the establishment of such a state. The South African regime declared that they would not support a Volkstaat, but "would do everything they could to ensure the protection of the Afrikaner language and culture". What a fine job they are doing.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Self-determination faces challenges

October 21, 2005, 18:15

Efforts at self-determination by groups in South Africa still face various obstacles, Jakes Gerwel, the chancellor of Rhodes University, said today.

"Though there is room to move forward in terms of article 235 it should not be accompanied by the perception of crude ethnic diversity," Gerwel told delegates at a conference on self-determination. Some 100 delegates from across South Africa are attending the two-day conference at Orania in the Northern Cape.

Article 235 of the constitution recognises a culture and language-community's self-determination within the framework of the constitution and law. The conference, organised by the Orania Movement, is examining how article 235 of the constitution could be practically implemented.

Gerwel said one of the challenges faced in regard to efforts of self-determination was to steer clear of all perceptions pertaining to racism.

Carel Boshoff, the chairman of the Orania movement, said earlier that the conference message was a positive one. "We want this conference to be a voice across South Africa in making the idea of a territorial entity for people representing a certain cultural and language group more acceptable," he said.

Boshoff said the conference was also aimed at guarding that article 235 did not fall in disuse. "This could lead to it losing its force," he said.

The village of Orania, between Hopetown and Petrusville, was bought about 15 years ago by a group of individuals in an effort to set-up a self proclaimed Volkstaat.

The conference continues tomorrow.



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