Volkstaat (Afrikaans for "People's state") is a proposal for the establishment of a homeland for Afrikaners. Outside a possible use of force, the South African Constitution and International Legislation present certain possibilities for the establishment of such a state. The South African regime declared that they would not support a Volkstaat, but "would do everything they could to ensure the protection of the Afrikaner language and culture". What a fine job they are doing.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The view of the Communists

From the South African Communist Party newsletter (Issue 147 - Third Quarter 1997):

The white right-wing has also been dealt a severe blow with the transition to democracy in our country. The demand for a volkstaat from these forces is nothing but an attempt to secure the white privileges accumulated under apartheid. The white right-wing hopes that by demanding a secluded volkstaat, it can still retain its own racist and exclusive haven for sections of white Afrikaners through which they can maintain their privileged positions.



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