Volkstaat (Afrikaans for "People's state") is a proposal for the establishment of a homeland for Afrikaners. Outside a possible use of force, the South African Constitution and International Legislation present certain possibilities for the establishment of such a state. The South African regime declared that they would not support a Volkstaat, but "would do everything they could to ensure the protection of the Afrikaner language and culture". What a fine job they are doing.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Self-determination enshrined in constitution

October 20, 2005, 21:00

There is nothing wrong if communities in South Africa strive for self-determination, Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, a political analyst said at Orania.

"It is enshrined in our constitution," Van Zyl Slabbert told delegates at a conference on article 235 of the Constitution.

The conference organised by the Orania Movement at Orania in the Northern Cape aims to look at how article 235 of the constitution could be practically implemented.

Van Zyl Slabbert said the constitution holds that communities have the right to self-determination; therefore they should be allowed to manifest themselves provided they do not contradict the constitution.

He said generally there was not enough awareness of the implications of constitutional rights and privileges.

Some eight speakers will debate article 235 at the conference. Among them are Carel Boshoff, the chairperson of the Orania Movement, Jakes Gerwel, the chancellor of Rhodes University, Pieter Mulder, the Freedom Front Plus leader, and Flip Buys, the CEO of Solidarity.



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